Sunday, April 30, 2006

April - 15 Nights, 7 Cities, 3 Countries

I just noticed that I tied my friend Rae's month at 15 nights in hotel rooms for April. Funny thing is that I saw her and Jake in many of those cities and for most of those nights. I would have beaten her with 17 nights except that I was sick for the first two nights of Webmasters In the Sun 5 and came down late. Rae threw in the towel in Toronto and didn't make it out to San Francisco Ad:Tech.

So my month looked like this:

Home -> Pre-WITS in Las Vegas (with Champagne Jimmy) -> Home -> San Diego WITS -> Tijuana B.C. Mexico (also WITS) -> Home -> Silicon Valley (client meeting) -> Home -> Boston PubCon -> Home -> Toronto SES -> San Francisco Ad:Tech -> Home


Miles flown: 10,600
Hotel nights: 15
Cities visited: 7
Cities I was also in with Jake Baille: 7
Countries visited: 3
Countries I was also in with Jake Baille: 3
First Class segments flown: 5
Hotel Suite upgrades scored: 5
Parties thrown in my suite: 4
Limo rides: 7
Bottles of $700 Dom Perignon: 1 (Jimmy thanks for splitting that one!)
Industry luminaries I managed to get interesting photos of: 13
Number of those photos I can post safely: 0

It doesn't usually get this busy until 4th quarter. We'll now its time to play catch up and attend to the very long list of client engagements I have looming before me so if you dont hear from me for awhile its because I'm buried!


Anonymous said...

Joe, do you really want me to post my figures? ;) ok, a quick summary:
16 nights in hotels
5 countries
2 continents
27k miles flown

I guess only Mike can beat this.

Anonymous said...

You spent an entire month with my fiance and brag about it? Homewrecker!!! ;-)