Friday, November 10, 2006

WebmasterWorld's PubCon Las Vegas Breaks Attendance Registration Record

Next week's PubCon Internet Marketing Conference by WebmasterWorld at the Las Vegas Convention Center is officially set to be the biggest show in the history of the conference. We officially blew past our largest show numbers in recent history (Las Vegas 2005) about a month ago and the numbers have been rising ever since. With several hundred attendees coming through the registration pages in just the past 24 hours before the online registration sign up goes away (for you procrastinators, I believe that we will keep it open until maybe early tomorrow morning before the staff empties out of the Austin offices and heads out to Vegas).

I think that this show will be similar to Orlando a few years back when the number of attendees surprised everyone at the time - including Brett - who had only planned for a few hundred and more than double expected turned up. Well this show is going to be even more than double those numbers and is shaping up to be the best show ever with a lot of major sponsors, Four fantastic keynotes addressing the ever changing internet marketing marketplace, and of course a lot of great informative sessions, several parties put on at some GREAT locales and of course the whole reason the conference series began - the actual PubCon event on Friday afternoon.

See you guys next week!

PS. How could I forget? There's also the infamous PubCon Drinking Game!!!


searchquant said...

Any sessions on applying portfolio theory to Texas Hold 'Em?

Anonymous said...

LOL - any named Bruce register? ;-) Looking forward to seeing you again Joe. :)

Anonymous said...

That Drinking Game is pretty funny. I am down for some drinks. Nice find Joe.

Joseph Morin said...

I have a feeling that The PubCon Drinking Game is going to make this a very interesting conference!

The real challenge however will be finding most of the people on that list with an empty glass since they almost always have a full one (with a back-up waiting) anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, thanks for letting me hit you with that drink spam campaign. They're releasing the results of that drinking game today, I think I have a decent shot at winning that cool G!

You were a good sport, I really appreciate your help / patience / restraint from whacking me in the skull for being annoying! :-)

Joseph Morin said...

Hey Chris,

I actually thought that your participation in the PubCon Drinking Game was ingenious and everyone else who recognized your out of the box thinking I'm sure was hesitant to go up against you once they saw your foresight and vision. You deserve to win it. Love the URL and tagline too!


Anonymous said...

Thanks man, that actually means a lot to me! I was having a blast with it. It actually inspired a couple new ideas for me as well, and I am looking forward to rolling out some more of this type of buzz marketing. It's tons of fun!