Friday, August 27, 2004


Ok, after reading enough of my friend's blogs and *ahem* being in the search marketing industry, perhaps I should have my own little piece of online real estate here. So here I am. My intention is to use this as a photo diary of my travels around the world while speaking or attending conferences related to internet marketing. There is a lot here already on the 'how to' in relation to search marketing so I'm going to focus on the 'why not?'. ;)

I really enjoy what I do and I frequently come across funny and/or adventurous situations so I thought I'd share some of the experiences that come along with globehopping for a living...



Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe! You blogging? And about Spam, too? Mama, that's just WRONG!


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe! Good to see you. I'd link to your blog, but you still owe me chocolate.


Anonymous said...

finally the man gets a blog, bout time mate.

see you soon.

and how are these 2 clowns commenting eh ?

I think I seen em before some where in San Jose ;)


Anonymous said...

Too funny, some people just don't like to write too much :)