Thursday, October 13, 2005

Danny Sullivan and Brett Tabke Embrace SPAM

Just returned a few days ago from Ad:Tech and PubCon in London. I couldn't resist the opportunity when I saw all three parties in close proximity so I seized the moment... ;) Who would've thought?


GoogleDude said...

Love that pic! LOL That's a classic moment you caught right there Joe! Brett and Danny smiling with SPAM!?! Does it get any better?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great pic Joe!

Looking forward to your next post, scheduled 29 November 2006!

Todd said...

That is an amazing and wonderfully hilarious picture Joe. Nice work. Good to see two of our favorite folks working together to crush spam.

Kevin Heisler said...


Glad to see you're putting your global travails online. Look forward to seeing more hilarious photos like "canned spam" ... just hope Anil Dash doesn't conclude that Danny and Brett are whitebread.

Wonder Bread, maybe.